The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is regular support group meetings designed to discuss topics including exercise, nutrition, stress, and many other typical challenges. They are all to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Certified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), HIT Center Lifestyle Coaches will hold regular education sessions teaching clients problem solving skills and tools for lifestyle change to help you reach your wellness goals. Within our state-of-the-art, client friendly facility, DPP members will experience a wellness program that is supportive, motivating, and successful.

The HIT Center DPP program is a 12 month program that focuses on true lifestyle change and the elimination of client diabetes risk factors. The ideal candidate has a strong will for change. The ideal client is someone that sees the value in their life and wants to make true changes to improve their current and future quality of life.  

HIT Center DPP Program Membership includes:

Regular Supportive Group Meetings
Sessions 1 – 8 = Weekly Meetings

Sessions 9 – 16 = Biweekly Meeting

Sessions 17 –  22 = Monthly Meetings

Biometric Testing

Weekly body weight
Quarterly Human Performance Lab Testing
(BodPod Body Composition Analysis & Metabolic Rate Testing)

DPP Cohorts will typically start on a monthly basis. All DPP clients will need to have a “DPP Pre-Participation Form” completed in order to be placed within one of our DPP Cohort groups. Act today and take advantage of this life-changing program.

The HIT Center of Jacksonville
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